Missing 12-year-old found in Alabama

Missing 12-year-old found in Alabama

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A 12-year-old missing from Memphis for nearly a week has been found hundreds of miles away in Alabama.

Melanie Morris received a phone call from a convenience store in Lincoln, Alabama where her missing 12-year-old daughter was dropped off nearly 300 miles from Memphis.

“She just left basically. She wasn’t angry. We actually had a really, really good day that day," said Morris.

Morris says this is the fifth time her daughter has run away.

She said her daughter takes medication for a bipolar condition and she has never been off her medication or away from home this long.

So, her mother was worried about that and the predicted low temperatures.

Morris said her daughter was with a trucker who dropped her off at convenience store in Alabama.

She has no idea how that happened.

We spoke with the clerk in Alabama who said the police were called to take care of the 12-year-old. Then we called Memphis police who put out the city watch on the girl to let them know where she is.

Melanie Morris is still worried because when she talked with her daughter in Alabama she started having what she called an episode.

“I’m really, really worried about her," said Morris.

The clerk in Alabama said she didn’t see the truck that dropped off the 12-year-old, but she doubts that it was an 18-wheeler because their parking lot is small.

She said she asked the child if she was a runaway or kidnapped and she replied, “a little bit of both.”

The 12-year-old also said the man gave her drugs.

Police in Lincoln called an ambulance and the child is now recovering at a children’s hospital.

At this point it is not clear exactly how all of this will be resolved.

It is also unclear how the 12-year-old ended up in Alabama with a trucker.

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