SCS awaiting lead and water test results from an additional 30 schools

SCS awaiting lead and water test results from an additional 30 schools
A total of 24 schools were tested and confirmed to have high levels of lead in their water.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Following the negative results of water samples for lead in some Shelby County schools, 30 additional schools have been tested and are now awaiting results.

At a press conference Thursday, Shelby County Schools confirmed high levels of lead were found in the water at 24 schools.

They were tested during the district's fall break in Mid-October. Roughly 3,500 total samples were taken from faucets, drinking fountains and ice machines.

County commissioner calls for students to be tested for lead exposure

“I know that Shelby County Schools has talked to the parents and they have removed the coolers and the water fountains that had lead exposure. But that's the easy part, what about the students that have been there and have used that water fountain over and over,” said Ford.

The Risk Manager for SCS says of those samples, only 39 of those came back above the EPA action level.

He said the samples had to reach lead levels that were 20 parts per billion to be considered unsafe. According to records from the State Health Department, Sheffield High School had a fountain with lead about five times higher than deemed acceptable. Gardenview Elementary had lead in the fountain the amounted to 149 parts per billion.

We will update you with the results of the testing.

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