Watch: Monkeys rain down on Fla. kayaker from the trees

SILVER SPRINGS, Fla. (WESH/CNN) - An ordinary afternoon inside Silver Springs State Park took an atypical turn when a man saw monkeys jumping into the water all around him.

It started with unfamiliar sounds.

"I heard gators go in the water, heard turtles go in the water,” Rod Guynn said.

But Guynn hadn't heard anything like this.

"It was like a loud, clapping like belly-flop sound,” he said.

That’s when he realized monkeys were making the sound as they splashed into the water.

"It took me a little bit to remember there's a phone here I could be getting this on video,” Guynn said.

Seeing the rhesus monkeys known to thrive in Silver Springs is common, but something was different about this.

"The bigger, male monkeys were shaking; growling, shaking the monkeys and literally forcing the other monkeys off the ends of the limbs,” Guynn said.

Reflecting on the rare sight down river, a hypothesis came to come to mind.

"And I thought it's probably that the males who are in charge of the colony, want them on the other side of the river, like to migrate to the south side of the river,” Guynn said.

Whatever the cause, he's glad he caught on camera.

"It's rare enough that I've never heard of it,” he said.

At least 300 of these primates live in Silver Spring State Park.

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