Black Lodge Video looks to buck trend of closing video rental stores

Black Lodge Video looks to buck trend of closing video rental stores

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Movie rental stores are few and far in between these days, but a local Memphis institution has returned! And it’s looking to buck the trend of closing video stores by adding a twist.

Many might think video rental stores had gone the way of the dinosaurs. Owners of Black Lodge Video think they’re making a comeback. ​

“If there’s one thing that everyone in the world has in common it’s that we all love movies,” said Joseph Goodwin, co-owner of Black Lodge Video.

“We’re back and we’re able to not only offer the library, but a lot of new options,” said Matthew Martin, co-owner Black Lodge Video.

Black Lodge Video originally closed in 2014 after 14 years of operation. ​Five years later, they re-opened in September with in a huge new space offering more than just movies. ​

“Giving a place where movie screenings can be done, where bands can play, where stand-up comedy can be done,” Martin said. “Any number of possibilities of what we wanted to do with the space.”

Matthew Martin is part-owner of Black Lodge. He says they’ve already hosted multiple events, with sometimes hundreds of people attending. All of it showing how modern day movie rental stores can win back lost customers. ​Streaming services such a Netflix, once caused their demise, but Matt says they’re part of their success. ​

“Streaming has its values, its convenience and stuff of that nature,” said Martin. “But for one, it’s not a great selection quite frankly. Even through the giants like Netflix.”

And Black Lodge Video can provide a uniquely personal service to customers.​

“Every time I walk in the door, Matt knows me, he knows what I’m coming in here for,” said Lisa-Marie, customer. “When I get through with this series, we’ve already got another one that I’m going to. So, he kind of learns you.”

Black Lodge offers 30,000 hand picked titles from cult classics to mega hits. There’s even a “worst movies ever” section.​ With a combination of events, an expanding arcade and eventually food and drinks, Black Lodge Video hopes it all adds up to multiple Black Lodge locations.​

“We do dream that big,” Martin said.

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