Early voting ends in Memphis runoff election

Early voting ends in Memphis runoff election

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Early voting has ended in the Memphis runoff election.

The Shelby County Election Commission says 2,139 of eligible voters voted early in the municipal runoff election. That's a voter turnout of only 2.28 percent.

"The early voting totals are really pathetic," said WMC political analyst Michael Nelson. "When you get down to a couple thousand, you wonder is the system working?"

Nelson says the low voting turnout may impact who comes out on top.

Two Memphis city council seats are up for grabs.

In District 1, Councilman Sherman Greer is facing a challenge from Rhonda Logan, the director of the Raleigh Community Development Corporation.

In District 7, Councilman Berlin Boyd is facing challenger Michalyn Easter-Thomas.

Nelson says a low early voting turnout usually favors incumbents, but that's no guarantee.

"Typically, incumbents have better organizations and therefore benefit from low turnout. I don't know if that's the case this time," said Nelson.

Nelson says if Greer and Boyd win, the incumbents on the council will outnumber the newcomers.

But if challengers Logan and Easter-Thomas win, the council will be evenly split between incumbents and newcomers.

"They may be wanting to change the way the returning council are used to doing things. It's too early to tell about that, but generally new blood means shaking up existing routines," said Nelson.

The election day runoff is set for this Thursday.

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