Mother continues to worry after her daughter disappeared nearly one week ago

Cordova Mom Goes Missing

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - “She dropped off the face of the earth seemingly. There have been no calls, no texts, no sightings. no one knows where she is, just disappeared.” Cynthia Vinick has not heard from her 26 year old daughter, Sarah, since Tuesday morning almost a week. She filed a missing persons report with police.

“Completely out of character. She never is out of contact with us. She would never let her phone go down.” But, Vinick said her daughter’s phone did go dead after she was seen getting into a pickup truck at the Cordova house where she was renting a room for a short time.

I talked with the home owner where Sarah was staying. “She was last seen getting in a truck. Yeah.” The woman said she did not know who owned the truck and didn’t notice any problems with Sarah.

Her mother says her phone went dead Tuesday night just hours after she got into the truck. Sarah has a four year old daughter, who stays with her parents. Her mother says she sees her daughter all the time. She said her daughter was renting the room while she was waiting to find out if she got a house she wanted to rent near the University of Memphis where she had planned to return to school. Her mother said she got word on Friday that her daughter was approved for that rental.

Cynthia Vinick says she is very close to her daughter. “Always knew where she was. I was very close with Sarah always, always called me multiple time.” Cynthia Vinick has one message she wants out about her daughter’s disappearance. “Please look at her picture carefully and look for her. Somebody knows something. Somebody’s seen her.”

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