Thanksgiving Dinner Survival Guide: Tips you may need to conquer the feast

Thanksgiving dinner survival guide

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Only nine percent of Americans eat their thanksgiving meal at a restaurant, the rest are home-cooking! If you’re hosting thanksgiving this year, the task might seem daunting.

The best part of thanksgiving is the food! It can also be one of the hardest parts. But you can have a stress-free holiday by starting now!

One month ahead, you can keep pie crusts, crumb toppings and flavored butter in the freezer. One week ahead, prepare cranberry sauce, chop up bread for stuffing, make toasted nuts and pick up your frozen turkey.

A few days before, chop veggies, assemble stuffing and make mashed potatoes -- don’t forget to defrost that turkey!

One day before, make vinaigrettes and prep your dinner rolls for baking. The day of, bake that turkey and enjoy time with the people you’re thankful for!

If guests are bringing dishes, ask them for items that won’t need to be heated and take up space in the oven, such as salads, cookies and appetizers.

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