Cold temperatures are cause to winterize your vehicle

Cold temperatures are cause to winterize your vehicle

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - 'Tis the season for low tire pressure and dead car batteries.

Just like winterizing your home, mechanics say it's time to winterize your vehicle.

“Low tire pressure lights, cars not starting, coolant leaks -- those are usually the first indications that the cold weather is here,” said Shane Herbers, owner of Midtown Autowerks.

The frigid temperatures can be hard on car batteries.

“It’s trying all those amps to start the car and when the battery starts to go down, you're going to know it,” Herbers said.

This is normally something a car service center will check during routine maintenance, just like your tire pressure. Herbers said even if you think the tires lost a little bit of air, it’s best not to ignore the warning lights.

“You run a chance of hitting a pothole getting a flat tire -- cars pulling to the right or left.”

He said they will also check your washer fluid.

“If it’s not a winter blend it can freeze, which can crack the expansion tank -- can crack the washer pumps or the lines, and then when it warms up you start seeing water coming out of your car.”

If the cold weather is keeping your doors and windows frozen shut, Herbers also recommended getting your car detailed or waxed to help prevent water getting between the doors and freezing.

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