Police searching for Starbucks robbery suspect

Police searching for Starbucks robbery suspect
Police Lights (Source: Gray News)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The newest Starbucks on Union Avenue was robbed Wednesday morning, according to police.

An employee said she was at work when a 6-foot, middle-aged, heavy-set black man, with a black and white beenie, black fleece jacket, and black pants walked into the store.

She said the man walked to the counter, announced a robbery and told her to give him all of the money in the cash register.

The employee said the suspect told her he had a gun in his pocket. He had his hand in his pocket and made the appearance of a gun, but it’s unclear if he really had a gun.

She placed $121 on the counter and the suspect took the money and left the store. He was last seen going northbound on South Watkins.

Another employee said he saw the suspect enter the building but was preoccupied with working and did not notice that his co-worker was getting robbed.

If you have any information concerning this incident, call Memphis Police.

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