Sports analyst weighs in on Wiseman’s decision

Sports analysts weigh in on Wiseman’s decision

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - "Why would both parties, in this case the NCAA and Memphis try to come to a solution? Well, it works for both parties,” said 92.9 ESPN Program Director Brad Carson.

Carson says Thursday's announcement regarding James Wiseman's decision to withdraw his lawsuit against the NCAA and the University of Memphis means a resolution is likely coming.

"Neither the NCAA, which has had all sorts of terrible publicity over the last few months or Memphis want this to go to a head where it's drawing itself out in the courts,” said Carson.

Right now, Wiseman is practicing with the Tigers, but is not allowed to play with the team

"Maybe by the weekend if not through the weekend beginning of next week that the actual penalty will come about,” said Carson.

Carson says they've heard penalties could mean Wiseman sits out for a few games or upwards of 10 or 11.

Either way, Carson says those rooting for Memphis have made it known. They want this to be resolved soon.

"We're probably going to get to see this team go into the NCAA tournament and hopefully have a nice run here, which is what everybody in Memphis has sort of been listening and watching for and hoping for and all of this anticipation with Penny Hardaway over the last year and a half it sort of comes to fruition,” said Carson.

The University of Memphis has also said it supports James Wiseman’s decision to withdraw the lawsuit and have declared him ineligible to play.

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