Parents, students work to make streets safer for pedestrians

Parents, students work to make streets safer for pedestrians

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Parents from University Middle are working to make the roads safer for pedestrians.

On the corner of Walker and South Highland, just down the road from the University of Memphis, you'll find many pedestrians trying to cross the street.

Tuere Jackson is the parent of a sixth grader at University Middle, who says she was surprised by what she saw at that intersection.

“People are driving fast way too fast it's just reckless, they see people on the corner and they just keep on going like they don't see the pedestrian standing,” said Jackson.

Saturday morning, Jackson joined other University Middle parents to stand at that intersection with their kids -- dressed in neon.

Hoping to make a difference.

“I want people to show awareness. Let them know that they are seen, be heard -- I want to be accident-free, save lives,” said Jackson.

The middle-schoolers showed off projects they created that taught them about the importance of pedestrian safety.

Together, the students and parents crossed the street themselves, making them realize more work needs to be done.

“I even heard some of the students saying, ‘slow down’ to the drivers,” said Jackson.

Parents say they hope this event teaches drivers to pay attention and sparks change for pedestrians.

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