City of Memphis anticipates 15 school zone cameras to go live

15 school zone cameras anticipated to go live

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Drivers beware! After months of delay, speed cameras in school zones around Memphis are anticipated to go live today. From Hickory Hill to Whitehaven to Midtown, 15 school zones will have live cameras.

The Idlewild Elementary School zone is one of the 15 around Memphis with these speed safety cameras aimed to catch school zone speeders. The cameras were installed at the beginning of the school year, but several delays have slowed this program from starting.

According to the City of Memphis’ website the cameras will go live today. However, it does say this information is subject to change.

The automated cameras will monitor traffic for school zone speeders every school day 45 minutes before the start of class and 45 minutes after the end of school. You’ll see them on poles adjacent to or near the school zone and s curves. And If you’re caught speeding, you’ll get a $50 ticket in the mail.

The City of Memphis entered into a contract for the cameras nearly a year ago -- the contract with Conduent State and Local Solutions Inc is for five years of installation and maintenance at the cost of over $3 million.

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