Hurricane season isn’t over yet...hello Sebastien

Hurricane season isn’t over yet...hello Sebastien
TS Sebastien (Source: TS Sebastien)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Hurricane season is just about over and will end on November 30th but Tropical Storm Sebastian formed early this morning. The tropical storm formed just east of the Leeward Islands and thankfully, is no threat to land.

TS Sebastien
TS Sebastien (Source: TS Sebastien)

The latest track keeps it in the open waters of the Atlantic where it is expected to get pushed out by a cold front and dissipate.

TS Sebastien 2
TS Sebastien 2 (Source: TS Sebastien 2)

Storms can and do develop this late in the season, so it isn’t rare. We have had many off season canes that have formed. The latest tropical storm that has ever formed during the winter months was February 2 – 3, 1952. The storm had winds of 70 mph at the height of it’s strength.

November can and have produced some significant storms. Some of the storms produced in November had such an impact that the names are now-retired. According to the National Hurricane Center five November storm names have been retired.

This Atlantic hurricane season has had 18 named storms so far. The last time 18 or more named storms formed in a season was 2012.

Here are a few things that were different about this season

  • Two category 5 storms- only the 2nd time in 12 years
  • Dorian which was a cat 5 was the strongest storm to hit the Bahamas
  • Lorenzo became the easternmost Category 5 Atlantic hurricane on record
  • 5th consecutive year the season got off to an early start

There is still a little season to go and WMC Action News 5 weather team will keep you up to date but here’s to hoping the season will close out on a quiet note.

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