2 shot, 1 dead at apartment building in the Medical District

Deadly Shooting at Apartment Complex for Elderly, Disabled

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A deadly double shooting took place Monday night at a Memphis apartment complex in the Medical District that is home to many handicapped and disabled people. Family members say both shooting victims used wheelchairs to get around.

Around 5:00 p.m. Memphis Police responded to a shooting call at The Independent Apartments in the 800-block of Martin Luther King Junior Avenue (Linden) near Dunlap. When they arrived, officers say one man was dead. A second man was taken to Regional One Health Medical Center in critical condition.

Arlene Sawyer's heart stopped when she received a phone call from her children's grandmother, Brenda. She lives in the building where the shooting occurred and is confined to a wheelchair.

"She was like they just had a shootout over here in our apartment," Sawyer said describing the call. "She's in a wheelchair. If they're shooting, where's she going to go? She can't run. She can't do nothing. So I just hung up the phone and did like 100 miles per hour over here. I done blew out my tires trying to come over here to her."

Another woman drove up to the apartment complex, sobbing as she approached the crime scene tape. She collapsed in the arms of Memphis Police officers.

"Her son was shot," Sawyer told WMC Action News 5. "She doesn't know if he's alive or not."

MPD investigators detained one person at the scene. A motive for the shooting, and the names of the victims have not been released yet.

Arlene Sawyer's relieved Brenda is o.k., but worried that gun violence is so pervasive.

“She’s shell shocked,” said Sawyer, “because she’s been struck by a bullet before. Every day you hear on the news shooting, shooting, shooting, shooting! It’s crazy. And everybody over here is supposed to be in a wheelchair. But there’s so much stuff going on over here. I just don’t understand it.”

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