Grizzlies fall to Golden state at home

Grizzlies fall to Golden state at home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - I guess that 3 game winning streak for the Memphis Grizzlies was just a mirage, huh? Or, maybe they won too many in a row and need to get the tank back in order for a good draft pick.

Either way, the Griz just stunk it up Tuesday at FedExForum against -- and this phrase doesn’t go together, the worst team in the league, the Golden State Warriors. Golden State comes into the game injury riddled, without Steph Curry and without Klay Thompson. Andre Iguodala is actually a quasi Grizzly, after coming over in an off season trade.

Memphis is expecting to move the 35-year-old vet for some young promising players near the trade deadline.

Nothing promising about Tuesday game, as the Warriors, who are just 2 and 12, and losers of 7 straight, hammer the Grizzlies with extra effort and dead-eye shooting.

Draymond Green, the only Warriors star, a near triple double 8 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists. Alec Burks a season high 29.

Memphis outscored 33-16 in the second quarter and that’s it. Warriors beat the Grizzlies with a final score of 114 to 95. After the Game, Griz Forward Brandon Clarke tells the truth.

“I would say lack of energy.” Says Clarke. “They were pretty much just playing harder than us. Beating us to the loose balls, beating us to the rebounds. And it’s plays like that that added up, and it’s the reason why we lost.”

Ja Morant leads Memphis with 20 points. Jae Crowder adds 15 and 11, but not nearly enough. Grizzlies get a couple days to regroup before hosting the Los Angeles Lakers Saturday night at FedExForum.

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