K-9 Officer ‘Tex’ laid to rest, remembered as a hero

K-9 Officer ‘Tex’ laid to rest, remembered as a hero

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A 12-year veteran of the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office was laid to rest Wednesday afternoon. K-9 Officer Tex is credited with assisting in hundreds drug operations over the years.

Tex was a 15-year-old Labrador Retriever with a nose for narcotics.

"There was a kilo of methamphetamine hidden inside this car," said Criminal Investigator Joe Hoing as he looked at a picture of Tex.

The K-9 officer served the Shelby County District Attorney's Office alongside Hoing for more than a decade. The two are credited with hundreds of drug seizures over the years.

"Without the drug dogs today we wouldn't be able to search and find and locate the contraband that we do," said Hoing.

They joined forces when Tex was just a puppy after Hoing won him at a national drug dog officers meeting in Texas.

"He was a ball of energy. I mean, he drug me everywhere we went. His work ethic was second to none," said Hoing.

It wasn't until recently that Tex's health began declining because of age. Hoing made the tough decision to put him down earlier this week.

On Wednesday, alongside family, friends and other law enforcement officers, Hoing paid tribute to his four-legged companion.

"They do so much for our community that there needs to be a place that they are honored and recognized," said Dixie Memorial Pet Gardens Owner Barbara Wells.

Wells started the Millington cemetery in 1992 after her terrier passed away.

Tex will be buried in the "Honor Garden" alongside dozens of other service dogs, including two of Hoing's former K-9 partners.

Animals buried in the "Honor Garden" include former Millington and Memphis Police K-9s as well as Shelby County Sheriff's Office K-9s. Services for these animals are at no cost to the handlers.

"Every living being has value and purpose and every life deserves to be honored and respected," said Wells.

Dixie Memorial Pet Gardens is located on 7960 Epperson Mill Road in Millington. For more information you can call 901-873-4127.

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