Memphis International Airport projects record-breaking crowds this holiday season

Memphis International Airport projects record-breaking crowds this holiday season

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Another record-breaking travel season is expected at Memphis International Airport. Thanksgiving travel crowds are expected to begin Friday and not let up for more than a week.

It's been sounding like a broken record at the Memphis International Airport about the record number of people coming through.

“During this next 10-11 days, we’re expecting more than 170,00 people to pass through the Memphis Airport,” MEM Spokesperson Glen Thomas said.

That’s a five percent increase from last year at this time. Earlier this year, Memphis International broke a record for the most people to travel through the airport at more than 10,000 people during Memorial Day Friday.

Then, during fall break, the airport had its single busiest hour since 2008. Now, a day during 2019 Thanksgiving travel is expected to break another record.

Fall break brings record highs to passenger numbers at Memphis International Airport

“TSA is expecting to screen more than 11,000 passengers and employees on that day, [Sunday] Dec. 1,” Thomas said.

Most of the Thanksgiving travel will take place between Friday and Sunday.

Thomas said the busiest days, along with Dec. 1, will be Friday and Wednesday. So, be prepared for a crowd starting in the parking lot.

“Periodically yes the parking garages will fill to capacity,” Thomas said. “We expect they could come close tomorrow. Wednesday will be a day where we really see the parking reach capacity.”

The airport will open overflow lots when that happens. Also, save some stress by getting to the airport at least two hours early, and know what you can and can't bring through security.

It’s been a busy year getting the airport ready for possibly the busiest time yet.

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