Mother says her daughter was nearly abducted after getting off school bus in Horn Lake, Miss

Mother says her daughter was nearly abducted after getting off school bus in Horn Lake

HORN LAKE, Miss. (WMC) - A Mississippi mother says a man tried to abduct her daughter as she got off the school bus last Wednesday in Horn Lake.

Horn Lake Police say they’ve made officers more visible in the neighborhood since they reviewed the report.

The teen’s mother believes this was a targeted attack.

“If he had had been a little bit more stronger, a littler more quicker, or swifter he would have had her because he did this in broad daylight,” said Angela Pannell, the teen’s mother.

Pannell’s 16-year-old daughter got off the school bus last Wednesday to an empty home.

Pannell was still at work in East Memphis and the girl’s twin brother at football practice.

But that day on her route home the girl said she noticed someone following the bus. And when she got home, the vehicle was parked in front of her townhouse. The man claimed to be a maintenance worker.

“I knew without a shadow of a doubt that they didn’t really send anybody over because they didn’t call me or text me and let me know that somebody was coming,” said Pannell.

Before the teen could unlock the door, she told Horn Lake Police the man grabbed her from behind. Her screams alerted two other classmates who just got off the bus with her.

“It was a physical struggle between three children and a grown man,” said Pannell.

According to police, the teen eventually broke free from the man’s grip and went inside her home.

“I was frantic,” Pannell said. “That somebody actually put their hands on her in an attempt to actually take her away from me.”

A terrifying afternoon has this mother on edge a week later, and now sending out this warning.

“This almost happened to us and it could happen to anybody,” said Pannell.

Horn Lake Police tells us since this incident happened last week they’ve had no other similar reports in the area.

Investigators found no cameras in the neighborhood to help with their case.

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