Mississippi lottery tickets go on sale Monday

Mississippi lottery tickets go on sale Monday

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. (WMC) - Feeling lucky? Starting Monday you can test your luck as Mississippi debuts the state’s first scratch-off lotto ticket.

Many stores across the state received their first shipment of tickets Friday. You must be 21 to buy a ticket.

Starting 5 a.m. Monday, four scratch-off tickets will be sold across Mississippi at 1,200 approved retailers.

Just off I-55, the closest stop for Memphians to buy a ticket will be the Main Street Valero in Southaven.

“With having our gas being cheaper, they are coming here any way for gas, so sorry Memphis we’re getting your customers,” said Rebecca Cooley, morning manager.

On Monday, Cooley can finally give her customers what they’ve been wanting for months.

“My customers, like I said, have been asking for so long and I thought, ‘we have to have that!’ We have to, because right now at this point we’ve been losing our customers. They’ve been going to Memphis to get their tickets,” she said.

Cutting down the trip to buy a ticket for Sharon Moss will make her a repeat customer weekly.

“I get off work late. I don’t feel like going to Memphis so I normally pick them up once a week, once every two weeks. But I would like to get them more,” said Moss.

With the tickets sold closer to home, Moss thinks her chances of winning big will go up.

“I’m going to get off work, grab my scratch offs, head home and win a million bucks,” she said.

Here’s how the proceeds will break down over the next decade. Up to $80 million a year will go toward state roads and bridges improvement or match federal infrastructure money. Anything above that would goes toward public education.

A win- win for the state of Mississippi and retailers who expect to cash in on gamblers feeling lucky. In the first year, the state lottery is expected to bring in $40 million.

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