Wolfchase Galleria practices active shooter drill

Wolfchase Galleria practices active shooter drill

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Employees at Wolfchase Galleria were taught what to do in an active shooter situation during a training event on Sunday.

Wolfchase staff asked the Memphis Police Department to host the drill, after an incident last month where shots were fired at the mall.

Shots fired at Wolfchase Mall

“They wanted us to come out and just do an active shooter drill for the mall and all the tenants inside, so they can make sure they are prepared and ready in case another incident were to take place,” said Robert Carlson, MPD Active Shooter Program Coordinator.

Around 40 employees came in Sunday before the mall opened for the training.

“We went in and conducted a drill with all the mall stores and employees, where we put a role player in the mall -- firing stimulated shots and allowed the stores to go through and practice what they would do in a real environment,” said Carlson.

Law enforcement also took part in the drill to show the mall staff how officers would respond if a shooting happened.

“For them to understand what their roles and responsibilities are to keeping not only their employees, but their customers safe is extremely vital,” said Carlson. “It's a partnership between the police department and the community that we have to have."

In an active shooter situation, Carlson said to remember avoid, deny, and defend.

"Anything you can do to put as much between you and that potential threat as you can increases your chances of coming out safely,” he said. “If you have no other option or if you're directly confronted -- defend yourself."

If your organization or business is interested in going through this training, contact the Memphis Police Department.

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