Best Life: Tech life hacks to make your life easier

Tech Life Hacks

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Frustrated by your low Wi-Fi signal? Tired of constantly pressing the menu button to get back to the Apple TV home screen? Worried about that frayed Apple cord catching fire?

Does it seem like your Wi-Fi signal is constantly flaky? It could be the location of your router.

Lincoln Chiappone, senior systems engineer, said, “A lot of people have them low or below a desk and that’s not a good place for pushing a signal out.”

Or it could be your home.

“Older homes that have plaster walls, the plaster is actually put over chicken wire, which is a huge barrier for radio signals," said Chiappone.

The best way to boost your Wi-Fi signal is to make sure your router is up high and not on the ground. You can also purchase Wi-Fi extenders to expand the signal in older homes.

Some other hacks? Holding down the menu button on an Apple TV remote will get you there in one click. Use the preview tool on Macs to draw a digital signature that you save and insert in documents. Use spotlight search on Macs for quick calculations. Open a recently closed tab by pressing command, shift and "T" for Macs and control, shift and "T" for PCs. Use a spring from a ballpoint pen to stop your cords from getting frayed. Keeping you tech savvy.

And here’s one you need to know -- want to know the best time to use the restroom during a movie? The app Runpee lets you know when you should head to the restroom, so you don’t miss that plot twist.

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