2 women accused of stealing $100’s worth of cognac from local liquor store

Women steal Liquor

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - “Every holiday season we see a new group of shoplifters come in here. They’re pretty easy for us to target because of their behavior” says Buster’s Liquors and Wines owner Josh Hammond.

But on Tuesday, Buster’s Liquors and Wines, was a bit short staffed and didn’t notice two women who got away with more than $500 worth of cognac, the pricey stuff, like Remy Martin, Hennessy and D’usse, around 50 dollars a bottle.

But the women were caught on Buster’s primo $70,000 surveillance cameras.

“The one picture by the door, we just installed that camera a week before.”

The photo is a very clear image of the two women. Other photos show the women in the store even in the aisles. There are cameras just about everywhere.

This police report says the women took 6 bottles of cognac and put them in their large bags. Hammond put the surveillance photos on Buster’s Facebook page and he thinks he may know their identity.

“We’ve had a dozen people call, tell us who they are so the police are investigating the matter.” Josh Hammond says he like other retailers try to have a safe place of business for employees and customers and he says it takes a lot.

“You think about the investment, we have to make, retailers. It’s just quite incredible.”

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