Breakdown: Why tornado sirens shouldn’t be your only resource

Why tornado sirens shouldn’t be your only resource

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) -Tornado sirens believe it or not are really meant for people who are outside. Tornado sirens are actually known as outdoor warning sirens. If you are somewhere other than outside, like your home or work, it is crucial that you have a main source of getting warnings.

Some primary sources of receiving warnings should be having a NOAA weather radio or the WMC weather app that can alert you to warnings in the palm of your hand.

Even if you are outdoors camping or going for a run or walk, you should still have another plan besides just relying on weather sirens in place in case you hear the sirens and need to head indoors. Another reason for a backup method of receiving warnings is because they won’t sound an all clear.

If you hear the sirens going off it doesn’t mean that there is always a tornado threat but something life-threatening is happening and you should head inside immediately and gather more information.

There is no national guideline put out by the National Weather Service on exactly when to sound the siren but often times emergency managers and local NWS offices will coordinate on such guidelines. This can mean that some areas or cities have different criteria for sounding an alarm.

Sirens will not alert you to everything. If the sky looks ominous or threatening head inside. Storms that are not severe can also be deadly.

Lightning kills more people than any other weather phenomenon. It is so important that you have a weather radio or weather app nearby to alert you to potential hazards. The WMC first alert weather app will alert you to lightning nearby and all severe watches and warnings.

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