Memphis and Cincinnati prepare for round 2 at the AAC title game

Memphis and Cincinnati prepare for round 2 at the AAC title game
Memphis Tigers football coach Mike Norvell discusses the AAC championship game. (Source: WMC)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The Memphis Tigers are clawing for a conference championship and getting ready to take on a familiar rival.

It’s round two for Memphis and the Cincinnati Bearcats as both teams prepare to do battle again at the Liberty Bowl this weekend for the American Athletic Conference Championship.

The question for both teams is how to prepare for back-to-back games against a team you just faced. It’s even more poignant for the team that won the previous game.

The 16th-ranked UofM beat No. 21 Cincy by 10 points at home Saturday, but now the Bearcats have seen everything the Tigers have to offer.

On the flip side, Memphis players, according to head coach Mike Norvell, can’t look at this as just, “We did it once, we’ll do it again.”

After all, this was a 3-point game late in the fourth quarter at home.

“There will be adjustments made," said Novell. "There is more knowledge of their personnel. More familiarity. But, schematically, the goal is to stay true to who we are. Come Saturday there are no guarantees they will do the same thing. So, we have to be prepared for whatever they throw at us.”

The Tigers, at 11-1, are the highest-ranked team outside the power 5 conferences, meaning a second straight win against Cincinnati will put the Tigers in the Cotton Bowl Dec. 28.

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