Woman charged with identity theft after going to driver’s service center

Woman steals identity with old ID

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) -" It’s scary cause, you don’t know what they could have done. They could do anything with that ID."

Wallace Fields remembers when his niece, who he says he raised since infancy, lost her Tennessee state issued ID. He says it was at a McDonald’s on Winchester, right after she used it at 201 Poplar to visit an inmate.

But as they drove away from the restaurant, she realized she left her ID and they went back.

“I looked through the parking lot to see if I could see it. She goes on the inside, talks to the manager the manager who said we didn’t see no ID in here.” The 18-year-old tried to get another ID in September and was told she could not because someone applied for the ID in July.

Investigators say 29-year-old Kiara Turner is the person who put the niece’s information into a kiosk at the Driver’s Service Center on Summer Avenue to get a duplicate ID. She then according to investigators had her photo taken at the counter giving her an Tennessee ID with someone’s else’s identity and her photo on it.

I showed Wallace Fields a photo of Kiara Turner. “She look like her, that’s probably why the girl got away with it cause she look close to that.”

Kiara Turner didn’t get away with it. She was arrested and charged.

We went to an address for Kiara Turner but were told by a man we were at the wrong address. Then Turner called me and claimed the victim is her cousin and she gave her the ID.

She said she got the ID under the woman’s name because she had a “bad background”.

She didn’t explain but I found two shoplifting arrests from November and September of this year.

Wallace Fields said, his niece does not know Kiara Turner.

I contacted the Tennessee Department of safety to find out why the system didn’t catch that Turner’s photo was different from the niece. They are researching it.

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