Frayser residents fight another gas station in their neighborhood

Frayser residents fight another gas station in their neighborhood

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Residents of a Mid-South community say they do not want another gas station in their neighborhood, citing risks to children and other concerns.

Tuesday’s city council meeting saw a lot of visitors from Frayser.

They stood before the city council to oppose a proposed convenience store and gas station.

Developers want to build the new business at the corner of Thomas Street and Frayser Boulevard.

They're biggest gripe surrounds building another gas station at an intersection where is already two gas stations.

Many residents told council members they would rather see something else such as a fast food restaurant or grocery store.

A number of council members agreed with the residents including Martavious Jones.

“I refuse to believe that the only viable business in a lot of our communities are convenience stores and gas stations,” said Jones.

The Land Use Control board and the Office of Planning and Development were split on whether to approve the project, leaving the final decision to the city council.

“One of the realities of it, we cannot dictate what private citizens or private owners and investors do with their capital,” said Jones.

Another reality is this piece of property has been vacant for about 60 years

That was enough for Jones to vote "yes" on the project. The full council approved the project.

Jones says in order to bring more diverse investments into neighborhoods like Frayser, the wages of its residents need to be higher.

“I’m going to be exposing about what type of businesses we provide incentives for. Let’s talk about substantially raising income levels that make it more attractive for any business coming into Frayser or other parts of Memphis,” said Jones.

Jones says businesses should be required to offer higher wages to their workers, thus creating a higher per capita income in places like Frayser.

Jones says investors like to open businesses in areas where they have more money to spend.

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