Marathon runners to sport armbands in support of St. Jude families

Marathon runners to sport armbands in support of St. Jude families

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Every runner participating in the St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend has a reason.

"Carson was spunky and she told it like it was,” said Paula Head, runner.

Paula Head's reason is her daughter.

"She had blonde curly hair and big China blue eyes and always a smile on her face."(She’s) stronger than anybody that I've ever known or ever will.”

Carson Elizabeth was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma the day before her eighth birthday.

"She passed away three months after her ninth birthday so we battled here for 16 months,” said Head.

After Carson passed away, Head and her family made it their mission to continue fighting towards a cure.

This weekend, some runners like Head will be wearing purple or gold armbands in support of St. Jude families.

The purple ones represent family members who have lost a child to cancer. The gold represent families with a child that’s in treatment, remission or have been cured.

“Whether you've walked the halls or you haven't, St. Jude is a place that's just like family,” said Head.

Paula says her daughter, although young when she passed, taught her so much about life. She’s her reason for running.

"Run with the faith a child so that one day all children may cross the finish line,” said Head.

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