Orange Mound Superlo opens for business

Orange Mound Superlo opens for business

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - After close to two years, a full-service grocer is back in Orange Mound. The community was devastated when a Kroger closed at Lamar and Airways last February. It sat vacant until Kroger made an unexpected announcement.

The faded Kroger letters at the building are now covered up with a new Superlo Foods sign. This week the grocer opened up in the old Kroger location after Kroger announced this summer it was donating the spot to Superlo.

Kroger donates vacant building to competitor, Superlo Foods

“I found everything I needed plus,” one shopper said.

Many of Orange Mound shoppers are finding what they need in a shorter amount of time.

When Kroger closed its Orange Mound location in February of 2018, after announcing it was losing money, so did the last full-service grocery store in Orange Mound. The people of Orange Mound, city leaders and civil rights activists were outspoken about Kroger’s exit. Some in the community, including senior citizens and the disabled, were left figuring out how to get to a location in another area of town.

“If this store hadn't opened I had to go to Getwell and Shelby Drive,” one Superlo Foods shopper said.

“It’s good because a lot of [senior citizens] don’t have transportation and they have to ask someone to take them to a store further away,” Shopper Mari Nelson said. It’s a new era in Orange Mound adding an old convenience.

Some people are saying they’ve been to the newly opened store multiple times since it opened Wednesday.

A new era in Orange Mound, adding an old convenience.

“I can save money and time,” Nelson said.

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