Ring sends email to users about security after recent hacking reports

Ring releases new security info

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The company Ring is reaching out to all its users about several camera hacks that made national news, including an incident in DeSoto County. In an email, the company referenced the reports getting national attention that have everyone is talking about.

Ring says malicious actions got some Ring users passwords and usernames from Non-Ring services.

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For example it says, if users are using the same usernames and passwords on other accounts they were obtained from those services not Ring. The company says that’s how the malicious actors were able to hack into the cameras.

In DeSoto County, a Ring camera in a little girl’s room was hacked and she was taunted by a man.

Ring Camera Hacked

The man can be heard saying, “Who is that? I’m you’re best friend. I’m Santa Claus.”

Last week, the tech website Vice-Motherboard is reported that it was all streamed live on a podcast called “NulledCast.”

Ring cameras hacked, broadcasted through online podcast

Ring says for the best security, enable the two-factor authentication. User can do this by going into the app and turning on the enhanced security feature. Then you’ll receive a unique code via text that alerts you about attempts to log in to the Ring camera by you or other people.

Ring also urges its users to use unique usernames and passwords and change them often.

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