Shelby County deputies donate gifts to Salvation Army angels

Shelby County deputies donate gifts to Salvation Army angels

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies went to work as Santa’s helpers Thursday.

They transformed Vollentine Elementary School into Santa’s workshop, delivering gifts to angels adopted through the Salvation Army.

“This year we had an extraordinary amount of angels and the various divisions adopted certain angels -- this year we're doing 90,” said Shelby County Sheriff Floyd Bonner.

This is a yearly tradition for the sheriff’s office, but this year it’s bigger than ever before.

“Every kid at this school will receive gifts this year,” said Bonner.

The sheriff’s office partnered with the Cotton Carnival Boll Weevils to ensure that every one of the more than 300 students at Vollentine Elementary left with a present.

On Thursday, the deputies set up tables assigned to each angel and filled them with gifts.

Bonner said as exciting it is for the kids, it’s just as exciting for the deputies.

"We've gone from kids smiling to parents crying, because a lot of times parents can't afford to get these kids Christmas gifts,” he said. “So it's just a heartfelt warm day all the way around."

This is the fourth year that the sheriff’s office provided gifts for the angels at Volletine.

Bonner said it’s a tradition that is important to continue.

“This is just one way that we spend time with them, talk to them, share with them and get a chance to see them in a different light,” said Bonner.

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