Local church gives back to homeless community on Christmas Eve

Local church helps homeless community in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Think about what you need every day to survive or at least be comfortable - food, toiletries, clothing. We have it, but it’s not guaranteed for the homeless. So, members of New Beginnings Community Church are making sure they have what they need on Christmas Eve.

“We provide something called a survival pack,” Youth Pastor Damon Griffin said. “It's supposed to help a homeless person survive on the streets for a night or two.”

The church planned to pass out about 75 to 100 survival packs in Downtown Memphis. While the packs contain things you and I may take for granted, things like socks and soap are carrying a lot of hope in them.

“I would find myself getting those packages and going to the nearest Burger King or Exon gas station to brush my teeth and put roll-on on,” Elmore Smith said. “I didn't have those necessities. So, it's a plus and a must.”

Addiction to drugs and alcohol drove Elmore Smith to the streets. Events like this one gave him hope, and with enough hope he was able to get himself out of homelessness.

“Because of people who came out and gave those supplies to me, they gave me hope, and now I'm a college student,” Smith said.

“Our hope is to give them some bit of hope,” Griffin said. “Even if it's just for a few minutes or a few days.”

Many of the church’s youth helped pass out the kits, including members of the Kirby High School football team.

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