A Ray of Hope brings Christmas joy to Shelby County families

A Ray of Hope helps Shelby County families in need

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Ray of Hope shined on 10 unsuspecting families in the Shelby County school district. Shelby County Superintendent Dr. Joris Ray spread holiday cheer to families that might not otherwise celebrate the season.

On each stop made by Dr. Joris Ray and his team of elves, the presents brought pure joy to the families.

Santa Ray’s first stop of the morning was at the home of two Westwood High School seniors. The teens received two brand new Google Chromebook laptops along with a $500 gift for their grandmother.

“It will go to great uses. One of them homework, studying,” said Christopher Harris. “Normally I just use my cellular device but since I got this laptop I am just happy to be receiving it.”

These gifts provided presents for the family who would not have been able to afford them otherwise.

“I had told them I wasn’t going to be able to get them nothing for Christmas,” said their grandmother Connie Brown. “I am just blessed.”

This holiday cheer was thanks to an anonymous donor. Principals identified families in need of some extra joy this holiday season.

“In Shelby County Schools many of our students, they live below the poverty line. And just my goal is to spread cheer throughout Shelby County so this is just a small way,” said Dr. Ray.

Santa Ray’s final stop was to a family outside the district to three boys who lost both their mother and father to gun violence a week before Christmas.

“I love everything and I love to see the kids smile again because they are so heartbroken,” said their grandmother Cassandra Waller.

A small act of kindness returning a bit of joy back to their lives.

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