Memphis Tigers taking in all the excitement at AT&T Stadium

Memphis Tigers taking in all the excitement at AT&T Stadium

ARLINGTON, Texas (WMC) - It’s Cotton Bowl Media Day in Dallas and the Memphis Tigers are talking about what it’s been like experiencing the AT&T Stadium for practice and what they think it’s going to be like to play the big game in front of a huge national audience.

With views that make you stop in your tracks, our news crews have seen the Tigers players taking it all in, inside the $1 billion AT&T Stadium.

“It was my first time being on the field and walking into AT&T Stadium and seeing the big Jumbotron over my head. It was like jaw dropping,” said Patrick Taylor Jr., running back.

“Just walking out into the stadium, feeling the atmosphere, seeing how big it is,” said Kenny Gainwell, running back.

“I walked out there, pictured the crowd. Kind of got one of my ‘ahhhh’ moments going on. It was a good feeling. Growing up, watching it on tv, and to be able to practice on the field that the greats played on and then being able to play Saturday is going to be a great feeling,” said Antonio Gibson, wide receiver.

“When you first get out there, it’s incredible man. The Cowboys, not only the stadium, but the locker room, the star, all their facilities are absolutely amazing. Absolutely first class. I don’t think you’re going to find anything like this anywhere else,” said Brady White, quarterback.

“When we walked in, I wanted them to look up, see the big video boards, see all the seats. See everything that was surrounding them. I want them to be grateful and appreciative of that and at the same point, understand that come 11 o’clock on Saturday, when that kickoff goes -- what happens in between the white lines, it’s going to be a darn battle,” said Ryan Silverfield, head coach.

The Tigers players say running out of the tunnel to 80,000 screaming fans at AT&T Stadium will be a dream come true. But once the first whistle is blown and the game starts it’s just another game of football where the dimensions are the same as any other and the goal is the same too, to get into this endzone.

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