City of Memphis weeks behind on picking up bags of leaves

City of Memphis weeks behind on picking up bags of leaves

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The city of Memphis is dealing with a yard waste problem.

Some residents are upset over the city falling weeks behind in picking up their bags of leaves.

"Don’t ever remember them being out there this long,” said Joe Spake, who lives on Vance Avenue.

Some residents say the bags of leaves have been there since last month.

Spake says his bag of yard waste has been sitting curbside since Dec. 5.

Spake is like countless other Memphians who filed a 311 complaint. The city closed his case, but his bags have not been picked up.

“You know, we’re paying taxes and we’re paying on our utility bills to have this taken care of,” said Spake.

This month, Memphis City Council voted to increase trash collection fees in order to maintain a higher level of service including pick-up outside the bin.

We reached out to the city who said they are well aware of the problem.

Ursula Madden, City of Memphis Chief Communication Officer released the following statement:

“The simple answer is that we are behind on yard waste collection. We know this is frustrating for our customers, but we are asking that they be patient for a little longer. Unfortunately, this year, everyone’s leaves fell at the same time instead of gradually -- so the volume leaves coupled with holiday schedules has us behind. We always encourage the use of 311, but we are aware of the delay and are working overtime to restore service to normal.”

Ann Mulhearn has lived in her Midtown home for five years. She says this year she noticed something different about her oak trees leaves.

“They did fall differently this year,” said Mulhearn. “Literally, I walked out one morning and it was like the tree attacked me with leaves three inches deep across our yard.”

Collierville appears to be in the same boat. They shared on Facebook they have collected enough leaves to fill 28 residential swimming pools. Their crews are running about four days behind.

The City of Memphis says crews are working overtime, but didn't give a timeframe for pick-up.

“I understand it’s a big city. We have a lot of trees which is what makes Memphis so beautiful, but it’s is frustrating that the leaves sit there and rot and it attracts animals,” said Mulhearn.

The City is asking residents for their patience while work crews try to get back up to speed.

If you filed a 311 complaint, you may have been given a resolution summary that says BULK WEEK 2/4. We asked the city what that meant and we are still waiting on a response.

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