Tigers bring team culture to Dallas

Updated: Dec. 26, 2019 at 9:53 PM CST
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DALLAS (WMC) - The Memphis Tigers haven’t stopped dancing since they got to Dallas for the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic.

Yes, they're serious when it comes to the on-field product, but they like to stay loose off the field -- and Wide Receiver Damonte Coxie plays a big part in that locker room culture.

"He's an energizer bunny. He's just a big ball of charisma,” said Brady White, quarterback.

"I think he definitely controls the culture of this team,” said Patrick Taylor, running back.

Coxie is from Louisiana and that “Cajun Flare” is obvious in the Tigers’ celebrations and dances.

Like how Coxie and quarterback Brady White celebrate by doing the Choppa Style, a dance created by New Orleans rapper Choppa.

Or this week at he Cotton Bowl where the Tigers made dance videos with another Louisiana rapper's influence -- Lil Elt's song "Get the Gat."

“Louisiana on a scale of 1-10? A 50. That man's Louisiana for real,” said Kedarian Jones, wide receiver.

“It's good to bring Louisiana or some Baton Rouge down here into Memphis. They got their own little thing how they do. We just like to change it up or add to,” said Damonte Coxie, wide receiver.

“He carries the whole team. When he's up, we're up. When he's down, we're down,” said Taylor. "He gets everybody going. Sometimes I may have a day where I'm sluggish, and I got talk to him, and it gives me energy to keep going."

Like his teammates say, when Coxie’s cheerful the team seems to take that attitude on. And that seems like a good sign for things to come, because Coxie seems happy in Dallas.

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