Cotton Bowl pits Group of 5 against Power 5

Cotton Bowl pits Group of 5 against Power 5

ARLINGTON, Texas (WMC) - The Memphis Tigers and Penn State come from two very different divisions of college football.

This is a match-up that pits the Group of Five against the Power Five.

Group of Five conferences are pretty much viewed as less than Power Five Conferences.

The P5 has a direct path to the College Football Playoff. These teams make more money and have more of a draw on the recruiting trail.

That's why when teams like Memphis play teams like Penn State, the Memphis' of the world are usually counted out before the game even starts.

But the players actually going to battle in this game don't see a division between each other's conferences.

"You can say Power Five this, Power Five that, but they have a lot of talent. That's a fact. We're gonna have to bring our best game, and I think we've done a great job of putting us in a great position to prepare. I'm just excited to play such a traditional team and program,” said Sean Clifford, Penn State quarterback.

"They're defense is solid, there's a reason they're 12-1. It's hard for any team to go 12-1. I think they're solid as a defense, special teams, and offense,” said Mac Hippenhammer, Penn State wide receiver.

"I like it. I like the fact that they tell us what we can do or can't do. I like when someone tells us what we can't do. It's motivation to prove them wrong. Power Five, at the end of the day, it's a person in front of you. Man-on-Man some kind of way, whoever wants it,” said Damonte Coxie, Tigers wide receiver.

"I was fired up. I love to compete. So, when I heard we were playing Big 10, a tougher opponent, I was like, ‘let's get it, let's go,’” said JJ Russell, Tigers linebacker.

And we will know soon enough with kickoff at 11 a.m. Saturday.

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