Memphis Tigers return home after Cotton Bowl

Fans welcome Tigers back home

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The Memphis Tigers may not have gotten the ending they were hoping for against Penn State, but they sure got a warm welcome home from fans in the Bluff City.

Fans lined the fence as the Memphis Tigers returned home Saturday night.

A well-deserved homecoming for a team that worked hard all season long.

"What better way to support the team than coming out here and welcoming them home. Welcome them back and show them that we really support them and we really care about them and we're really proud of them,” said Ben Dickey, Memphian.

The Tigers put up a strong fight against Penn State, but ultimately fell short of a Cotton Bowl win.

But fans say looking back on the season, it's one they're extremely proud of.

Local fans celebrate historic Memphis Tigers football season

"I came here when they weren't so good and I got to watch them get better and better,” said Dickey.

The Memphis Tigers ended their season with 12 total wins, a visit from College Gameday and their first Conference Championship in more than 50 years.

Players made sure to thank the fans who waited for their safe return from the Dallas area.

Even Coach Ryan Silverfield showed his appreciation.

A warm welcome for a team that’s made Memphis proud.

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