National Civil Right Museum responds to Congressman John Lewis cancer diagnosis

NCRM responds to John Lewis' cancer diagnosis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The National Civil Rights Museum said its staff and visitors are sending up prayers to Georgia Congressman John Lewis.

This weekend the U.S. Representative and Civil Rights icon said he has stage four pancreatic cancer.

Leaders at the National Civil Rights Museum said Lewis’ story is one of the most represented in the Memphis museum.

One of the areas you’ll see him the most is in the exhibit about Bloody Sunday where Lewis and others were attacked in Selma, Alabama as they marched for voting rights in 1965.

In a statement, Lewis said he’s been fighting all his life for things like freedom and civil rights-- so he’s ready for this next fight against cancer.

“His journey has been life-threatening,” Faith Morris with the National Civil Rights Museum said. “He’s crossed some mighty tough bridges. He’s trying to cross one now. Our prayers are with him. He’s a soldier. We expect him to come out of this on the right side of it.”

Leaders in Congress and across the world are reacting to this news.

Congressman Steve Cohen in part said this “Congressman Lewis is loved by all in Congress and is the voice of the beloved community. I know he will fight this cancer and come back as soon as practicable. He is in our prayers.”

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