Navy, K-State fans fill Beale Street at parade ahead of AutoZone Liberty Bowl

Beale Street parade ahead of AutoZone Liberty Bowl

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - It was all fun in downtown Memphis. The Beale Street Parade rolled Monday honoring the Navy Midshipmen and the Kansas State Wildcats.

Fans supporting K-State have taken over Memphis just look at how much Kansas State purple came down to Beale Street! They vastly outnumber the fans from Navy and they tell us at WMC that they always show great support for their team and their school and they plan to have the same show of support Tuesday in the Liberty Bowl.

Parade on Beale Street for AutoZone Liberty Bowl

“We travel well all the time man! K-State is always about the people around you. When we’re at Bill Snyder Stadium, it’s 50,000 people, we’re the best friends and the greatest family,” said Matt Dwier.

Kansas State fans tell me playing against the Naval Academy is much different than your typical opponent. Because it’s a member of the armed services, they have a lot of respect for them and what their graduates do for our country. But the game will still be fun and they hope they can beat the ranked Navy team.

“Yes I’m very excited because it’s just a different city, you get to experience all the history behind it so I love it yeah,” said Jamya McPherson, sibling of one of the K-State players.

Some Navy fans tell me it's more difficult for them to get out early to their bowl games because of their service to our country.

I talked to one mother, whose daughter is on the Navy cheer leading team and a Kansas State fan about playing such a unique opponent.

“Thank you guys for all the hospitality because this is a great atmosphere," said Tammy Shealey. "We’ll be back, we’d like to come back to Memphis. We saw the pyramid and a few things but we would like to come back when we can stay longer.”

“You can’t really hate the Naval Academy so it is rough to play them but hopefully we just come out and play well and get the W," said K-State fan Carter Downing.

Kevin Kane from Memphis tourism says we all should be very happy with the turnout, especially from Kansas State fans because this means around a $30 million boost to the local economy during what could normally be a down time.

More than 10,000 Kansas State fans are in the Bluff City for the game and they say they’re going to spend the rest of the night enjoying Beale Street.

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