Breakdown: Why 2020 could start with one of the strongest meteor showers

Breakdown: Why the first meteor shower of the year could be active

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) -The Quadrantids are active and have the potential to be the strongest shower of the year and are active through Jan. 10.

According to experts, the Quadrantid meteor shower consists of fireball meteors, which can shine brighter and bolder than other meteors because they’re made from larger particles of matter. The moon won’t be visible during the Quadrantids’s peak, which could mean the already-bright meteors won’t have to compete with moonlight.

The problem is that it can fall short because of it’s short length of maximum activity which is normally about 6 hours according to experts. The other problem is that the shower’s peak will occur around 3 a.m. EST on Jan. 4, and will only last for about four hours.

It will take place in the northern part of the sky, so our chances of seeing the shower are better in the Northern Hemisphere. The average hourly rates of the meteor shower is around 25 and will peak Jan. 3rd and 4th. These meteors can lack persistent trains but often produce bright fireballs.

Tips for Viewing

  • Get away from city lights
  • Give your eyes time to adjust
  • This shower rises gradually to its peak
  • Binoculars are not necessary

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