Friend speaks on death of Cordova shooting victim, 4 charged in investgation

Chauncy Black, 3 others face charges for fatal Cordova shooting

CORDOVA, Tenn. (WMC) - A Memphis teenager who garnered national attention a few years back in a viral Go Fund Me campaign now faces charges connected to the shooting death of his neighbor.

Chauncy Black and his brother, Timothy Black were arrested Sunday after firing shots at a car they claim first fired shots at them.

Monday, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office arrested two more men in connection with the shooting, Jaylin Edwards and Tyreek Edwards. Police say Edwards admitted to waving a gun, while the other three men admitted to firing shots.

‘Chauncy’s Chance’ teen, brother arrested in connection with fatal Cordova shooting

“I just lost a really old friend,” Kelsey Herrmann, close friend of victim Kaleb Wakefield said. “A really good old friend. He really was a great man and he didn’t deserve this.”

Kaleb Wakefield lived across the street from Chauncey Black and his brother Timothy in a home now-riddled with bullet holes.

Saturday night, investigators say Wakefield was an innocent bystander when he was hit by a bullet and killed outside his home on LaGrange Circle South. His longtime childhood friend and ex-girlfriend Kelsey Herrmann spoke to me over Skype about her call to Wakefield's mother.

"As soon as she answered the phone, she couldn't even say hello," Herrmann said. "And she just started crying and I told her to please tell me it wasn't true and she told me she couldn't."

Herrmann says Wakefield had recently moved to the neighborhood after graduating from the University of Tennessee.

"His life was just getting started. He had just graduated, he had an awesome job," she said.

Mid-Southerners might remember Chauncy Black from a 2016 story that made national headlines for a viral Go Fund Me Campaign entitled Chauncy’s Chance, which raised more than $300,000. The Go Fund Me was set up by Matt White after Black asked him to buy him doughnuts. The money was supposed to help Black start up a lawn mowing business and pay for his future education.

Chauncey's Chance: a chance encounter gives a hungry teen new life

Now four years later, a tragic turn of events.

“It hurts me it really does and I’m having a hard time realizing that he’s gone,” Herrmann said. “And every minute that passes, it gets a little more real and I just don’t want it to be.”

Police have not determined who fired the actual shot that killed Wakefield Saturday night, but Herrmann wants the Shelby County District Attorney to seek the harshest punishment possible against the person responsible.

“Regardless if it was an accident, you killed someone,” Herrmann said. “And I do feel like you should pay for that. You’re 18, you’re an adult. You need to face what you’ve done like an adult.”

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