SCSO: Escaped Shelby County inmate captured in Alabama

Shelby Co. inmate found in Alabama

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A Shelby County inmate who drove off a work site Monday made it all the way to Alabama before being captured Monday afternoon.

Jack Kilpatrick, was on the run for 9 hours before being captured in Alabama. He is one of three inmates who have recently escaped -- three inmates who were serving sentences of a year to two years.

Employees at Marine Repair Services Container Maintenance told WMC Action News 5, Jack Kilpatrick was one of two inmates on work release at their business on Clarke Road. Kilpatrick helped work on the chassis for containers.

According to a Marine Repair employee, jail personnel would drop the inmates off and then return to pick them up in the evening.

On Monday at 7:45 a.m. investigators say Kilpatrick took off in one of the company’s GMC trucks with “Container Maintenance” written on the side. He was not allowed to drive the vehicles at the business.

He was captured several hours later in central Alabama in St. Claire County.

Kilpatrick had been in jail at the Shelby County Corrections Center near Shelby Farms since October of 2019 serving an 11-month 29-day sentence for possession of meth. He also had an additional 90 days to serve after that.

Kilpatrick is one of three inmates who have escaped from Shelby County in the past few months. In November, inmate Samuel Bridges got the keys to a county van at the Shelby County Division of Corrections near Shelby Farms and took off hitting an employee.

The building where the van was is right across the street from the prison. Bridges was serving a two-year sentence for property theft. Bridges was eventually captured.

Also in November, inmate Corneitra Dye was working near Germantown and Winchester and walked off that job. She was serving a two-year sentence for abuse and neglect of a child. She is still on the run.

The county notified law enforcement about the escape on Monday immediately but did not notify the public until just after 4 p.m. There is an investigation into how Jack Kilpatrick was able to escape. Investigators in St. Claire County Alabama have not yet returned our call.

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