DA says no charges will be filed against former MPD detective accused of having sexual contact with murder suspect

DA says no charges will be filed against former MPD detective accused of having sexual contact with

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The conduct of a Memphis Police detective during a murder investigation prompted a review by the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office.

"At this time, with the facts as we know them today, with the evidence we have before us today, there are no state criminal laws Eric Kelly’s conduct violated,” said Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich.

Thursday, Weirich announced former MPD homicide detective Eric Kelly’s actions did not violate the law.

Kelly retired during an internal police investigation into his sexual relationship with a murder suspect.

The 26-year Memphis Police veteran retired last fall weeks after his relationship with Bridgett Stafford was discovered.

That retirement allowed him to started collecting his pension.

And that murder case centered around the death of 60-year-old Robert Glidden, a retired chemist from Little Rock.

Glidden's badly beaten and bound, nude body was discovered near a drainage pond behind a business center off Elmore Drive and Covington Way in 2017.

Eric Curry and Nicholas Waugh are charged in the kidnapping and murder of Glidden.

Police affidavits with Kelly's name on them, say the two men were seen in a car in front of Curry's house inside Glidden's vehicle.

Glidden was seen sitting in the passenger seat with his hands and mouth taped and he was being beaten.

Glidden was put in the trunk of the car and the two men went to an ATM and withdrew money using Glidden's information.

Police say Curry and Waugh checked into a motel and Bridgett Stafford showed up and was aware of the murder and knew the credit cards were taken from Glidden.

Stafford drove Waugh and Curry to several locations where they charged $1,500 on the victim's credit cards.

Kelly not only admitted he had sex with Stafford while she was a suspect in the murder investigation, he also admitted to taking her to Montgomery, Alabama.

Kelly told investigators he was just trying to help her get her life straightened out.

The murder case is still pending. A trial date has not been set.

Amy Weirich also announced her office will start a new unit that will investigate cases involving officers in Shelby County with questionable activities tied to cases, that includes past and pending cases.

Weirich said there are 18 officers who fit that description.

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