Memphis Hustle accepting donations in hopes to help storm vicitms in need

Memphis Hustle helps with storm relief

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The power is back on. MLGW just announced that their power restoration efforts after Saturday’s devastating storm are complete.

MLGW completing their work about four hours earlier than their midnight deadline, less than three days after Saturday’s storm. But for hundreds of people in north Mississippi, it will take months to recover from the damage.

And help is flowing in from all over.

Before the Memphis Hustle took on the Santa Cruz Warriors fans brought a little something extra to the game.

“Hey everyone at tonight’s Hustle Game we’re going to be accepting donations of all kinds,” said Memphis Hustle Head Coach Josh March.

At the urging of Head coach Jason March yo help the hundreds of Desoto County residents in the path of two tornados that touched down Saturday morning.

“It’s sad. I hope you know people are helping, hoping they get back in their home soon,” said Rachel Romine who brought a donation.

New data shows the storm caused nearly $14 million in damage to hundreds of homes and more than half-a-million in commercial damage.

People giving whatever they have to help those who lost everything.

“I live in Memphis and we did have kind of a bad Saturday night. We pretty much slept through it. Very lucky,” said Romine.

For most Memphians, the worst part about the storm was the power outages.

“Yeah, when you have a lot of trees, you can expect some outages when you have major storm come through it,” said Gale Jones Carson with MLGW.

At its’ peak about 38,000 people were left in the dark.

Thirty tree-trimming crews from out of town and 22 troubleshooters worked practically around the clock to get power restored. MLGW says their biggest issue was President’s island where they had 34 broken utility poles.

Despite that MLGW says they had 96 percent of customer power restored within 24 hours.

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