Donations are pouring in for victims of the north Mississippi storms

Donations are pouring in for victims of the north Mississppi storms

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. (WMC) - More donations are pouring in for the victims of two tornadoes that hit DeSoto County last weekend. Barely a shopper at the Southaven Superlo Foods went by without dropping a little something into the bucket.

“We have some great citizens,” DeSoto County Judge Ken Adams said. “We’re a Christian community, we’re Christian minded. We believe in prayer, but we know we need to put feet to those prayers and help where help is needed.” DeSoto County officials, residents, and business owners gathered at the Superlo Foods in Southaven to collect cash donations from shoppers. The cash will then be put on gift cards for people affected by the EF1 and EF2 tornadoes that hit the county last weekend.

“I know if Allan is doing something he's going all out,” Superlo Store Manager Jeff Churchwell said. Allan Craig coordinated Thursday’s effort.

It’s something he’s been doing for years. He helped in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and most recently traveled to Houston to help out during Hurricane Harvey.

Now, the DeSoto County resident is helping at home.

“We have a major disaster in DeSoto County,” Craig said. “We had two major tornadoes, an 11-mile stretch. It’s a lot of damage and we need a lot of help.” Craig said the gift cards will be for different spots around the area so those affected have the chance to get anything they may need.

“Whether it be Kroger, whether it be Wal-Mart, whether it be us we’re all serving the community and we want to do what’s best,” Churchwell said. DeSoto County officials have estimated the damage at $14 million. So, a drop in the bucket goes a long way to help a neighbor.

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