Best Life: Preventing injury - Finding your perfect form

Best Life: Preventing injury - Finding your perfect form

ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Newswire) – An injury can put your fitness goals on hold.

You run, you lift, you bike… but do muscle aches and pains keep you from keeping a consistent workout routine?

“The way people injure themselves is that they’ll go to the gym, they’ll feel really good and they work out super-duper hard, but they end up pulling and straining muscles because they may not be using proper form,” said Rosemarie Seaman, owner, and head trainer.

If your form is wrong, crunches and bicycle crunches can lead to neck injuries.

“They’re actually putting a lot of strain on their neck, and not working their core,” Seaman described.

Look up instead of forward, and don’t pull on your head.

Seaman told Ivanhoe, “You can take a towel and support your neck this way.”

Also, squats with incorrect form can cause stress on the back, resulting in injury, especially if you’re squatting with weights. Practice good form by making a “squat stick” tie a handle to a secure object …

“I have them get feet about shoulder width and I have them pretend like they’re gonna go water skiing. And then all they do is sit down and stand up,” Seaman explained.

Protecting your body one move at a time.

Seaman says shorter women can injure themselves on gym equipment such as ellipticals because most exercise equipment is built for an average man’s height. Shorter women should find a gym that has smaller machines.

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