Orange Mound Task Force to collaborate with Memphis 3.0 plan

Orange Mound Task Force to collaborate with Memphis 3.0 plan

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Plans to restore a once-thriving Mid-South community are moving forward.

The Orange Mound Task Force met Thursday to go over those efforts, which include a collaboration with the Memphis 3.0 plan.

"Development without displacement.” That’s the approach the Orange Mound Task Force wants to take.

"We plan to develop over here and the people that's been here will stay here,” said Shelby County Property Assessor Melvin Burgess.

The task force, made up of business owners, community leaders and educators, was approved and created late last year.

Its focus is on revitalizing the Orange Mound neighborhood combating issues like blight in a once-thriving community.

On Thursday, plans to collaborate with the already existing Memphis 3.0 plan were unveiled, which included recommended land use for things like housing.

Another part of the plan is to have feasibility studies done to get a better idea of what the Orange Mound community might need and what it could offer.

"We want to try and take this study to investors because they want to see is it worth investing over here,” said Burgess.

University of Memphis Professor Mark Sunderman will be heading the research portion of the plan. His most recent search was in blight.

"That’s going to be looking at blighted property, crime data and obviously sales data,” said Sunderman.

Leaders say they're also hoping to appeal to the millennial generation, aiming to keep people in Orange Mound and attract even more to the area.

They’re also drafting up a letter to request the county asking them to turn-over vacant lots in Orange Mound to their committee as part of the restoration plan. Right now, there are more than 300 of these lots in this area.

The task force meets once a month.

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