Family, police concerned about missing Ark. woman

Family, police concerned about missing Ark. woman

WYNNE, Ark. (WMC) - The family of a 42-year-old missing woman from Wynne, Arkansas says she would never be gone for two weeks without telling someone.

Wynne Police Chief Jackie Clark says the disappearance of Christy Rooks is a cause for concern.

“Something definitely is wrong. We believe she is in danger. For this long, definitely strange. She’s normally two or three day thing, but not a two week thing,” he said.

Tyler Fucrell is Christy Rooks’ son. He just got to Wynne from Fayetteville where he lives, joining his grandmother, his mother’s mother. They’re both wondering what to do to find his mother.

Rooks seems to have disappeared sometime around Jan. 17.

Her family said she has been dating Earl Parks for about six months.

The family says Parks claimed to have last seen Rooks after she left his place, an hour away in Hazen, heading to her apartment in Wynne.

Parks updated his Facebook in October stating he is in relationship with Rooks. People on his page posted questions asking Parks where is she.

Wynne Police have Rooks’ photo on their Facebook page asking for anyone who knows anything to let them know.

Rooks’ son says he and his family are going to the Hazen area to look for his mother. He said he’s not sure where to look.

Christy Rooks’ family is worried saying she would never take off, and certainly not for two weeks without letting someone know where she is.

Wynne Police Chief Jackie Clark says the investigation has “made strides and is very sensitive at the moment.”

Authorites say the investigation has been shifted to the Prairie County area.

Arkansas State Police and the Prairie County Sheriff’s Department will be investigating Rooks’ disappearance.

If you know what happened to Christy Rooks, call law enforcement.

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