MLGW workers stepping up during lunch breaks to feed the homeless

MLGW workers stepping up during lunch breaks to feed the homeless

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Every Friday at lunch time, two Memphis Light Gas and Water employees load up their carts and hit the streets.​ But they're not looking for a bite to eat.​

“Our motto is, ‘if they can live out here, we can serve out here,’” said Demetria Bowers-Adair, MLGW employee.

The idea started in the summer of 2019, handing out water during the hottest days. But once Demetria Bowers-Adair and Camela Mitchell saw the desperate need, they wanted to do more.​ For months now, these two have paid for and handed out dozens of full lunches out of their own pocket. And these lunches are not plain. ​

"We try to make them feel special," Bowers-Adair said. "We've served everything from hot dogs, hamburgers, last week was burritos."

They walk several miles all the way down Main Street helping whoever needs it until they run out.

"They walk all day and all night seeking refuge," Bowers-Adair said. "We come out in the rain, snow, sun, they have to live out here we serve out here."

These women aren't related but they call their work "Two Sistahs, who just want to help."​

"Camela and I are sisters in Christ, and we're sisters at work and sisters outside of work so two sisters who are just trying to help," Bowers-Adair said.

As these ladies have rolled throughout downtown every week for months, something unexpected has happened. ​They've made close friends. ​

"They really seem to appreciate us and we have a heart for them," Bowers-Adair said. "They talk about their families, they talk about what their life used to be."

These two say this impromptu community service has filled up their spirit.

"I mean we can't even describe the feeling," Bowers-Adair said.

​As they help fill the stomachs of people who need help. ​

“Now when they see us it’s like, here comes the Sistahs,” Bowers-Adair said.

The “Two Sistahs” say they would welcome help from the community in buying these weekly lunches.

You can donate using the Cash App at $DemetriaBowersAdair with the comment being “Two Sistahs.”

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