Germantown Police stepping up to help fellow officer after wife diagnosed with Leukemia

Community members Stepping Up to help Germantown police officer

GERMANTOWN, Tenn. (WMC) - When a Germantown Police Officer got devastating news, his department wanted to be there for them. But Germantown Police Department needed the help of the community to do so.

Joanna Young’s link to the Germantown Police Department started with dinner five years ago. She and her husband invited officers over for dinner. It became a weekly thing, and the Germantown chapter of Cop Stop was born.

Now the Youngs partner with the department for different events. Like when one of the SWAT officers got sick in 2018, Cop Stop sold smoked meats, t-shirts, and bracelets to raise money for the family.

“We were able to raise a significant amount of money for him,” Young said. “ When this came up with Officer Seboldt’s wife back in December they approached us again and we said yes we’ll do whatever.”

Hard times have fallen on another Germantown officer. In December, Officer Joe Seboldt’s wife Erin was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Once again, Germantown Police went to Cop Stop to help organize a fundraiser for the family.

“We try to take care of one another but to have the community not just come alongside, but lead, like Cop Stop and Joanna and her family, it really takes a lot of pressure off the department,” Germantown Police Deputy Chief Rodney Bright said.

Cop Stop will be selling smoked meat, wrist bands and t-shirts to raise money for the Seboldts. Sign up for the meat will end Feb. 11, with pick up on the 17th.

While Officer Seboldt and his family navigate their new normal, his brothers and sisters in blue, and the Germantown community, are stepping up for them.

“It means a lot of us that they’d reach out to us to help us in this way,” Young said.

To participate in the fundraiser click here.

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